Important Things to Do This Month!

  1. Register your gymnast at the front desk if interested open gym at REL 4/22  1-3pm
  2. Participate in RJ Benken gift card fundraiser to fill up your family account. Money due 4/27. You can then pick up the gift cards May 1st from 6-7pm (see below for details)
  3. Refer all questions to Jasmine during Kristin’s maternity leave 4/18/18- 6/18/18
  4. EAF $60/family is due 5/11, check your family folders for statements 4/20
  5. Email Annemarie your Kroger Rewards amount for your family account from the quarter ending on 1/31/18 if you haven’t done so already
  6. Volunteer opportunities-
  7. If you are interested in helping plan the Recognition Ceremony (May 10th), please let Cristie Bray know as we are in the planning process
  8. We are looking for parents who would be willing to look into some level group activities in Toledo. (with all the different sessions it is hard to do anything as a whole team) If you are willing to do any of the above, please let Mandy know. Kirk Schirra has volunteered for the level 4’s- Thank you!


Family Fundraiser- HJ Benken Florist $25 gift cards:

  • We will be selling $25 gift cards to H.J. Benken Florist.

o   We earn $5 for each gift card ($4 to your family account and $1 to the team)

o   The gift cards are good for 1 year

  • What to do:

o   Use the order form attached to you to collect orders for gift cards along with the money. Have people write checks to you as when you turn in your final order, we ask that you write 1 check to Lori Cooper to cover all checks written to you to simplify the process. FLOWER SALE

o   Turn in your order form with cash and/or 1 check to Lori Cooper to cover all gift certificates ordered in an envelope labeled FUNDRAISER into the lock box outside Kristin’s office by April 27th.  No late orders will be accepted.

o   Pick up the gift cards you ordered in the lobby from 6-7pm on Tues May 1st and distribute them to those who ordered them.

  • This is a great way to cover EAF due in May and National t-shirts and leos or to get a head start for next year J

Upcoming Dates:

April 22nd– Open Gym at REL

April 27th– Order forms and Money due for HJ Benken gift cards

May 1st– Pick up paid for gift cards in lobby from 6-7pm

May 10th– Recognition Ceremony

May 11- EAF due

May 12th– Spring Floor Moving Day

May 18th– Team Sleepover

May 26- NCH Parade

May 26- New team members Try-Out