Important Things to Do This Month!

  1. Register your gymnast at the front desk if interested in vault clinic on 3/10 or 3/11. Refer to Jasmine’s email for details.
  2. Complete Survey Monkey re:family fundraiser by 3/11 so we know if there’s enough interest
  3. RSVP for Kristin’s Baby Shower on Evite
  4. Look for SUG to bring something to Kristin’s shower on 3/25
  5. Turn in Spectator ticket form and money if going to Nationals and interested in purchasing tickets ahead of time by 4/2
  6. Volunteer opportunities-
  7. If you are interested in helping plan the Recognition Ceremony (May 10th), please let Cristie Bray know as we are starting planning soon including looking into catering options
  8. We are looking for parents who would be willing to look into some level group activities in Toledo. (with all the different sessions it is hard to do anything as a whole team) If you are willing to do any of the above, please let Mandy know. Kirk Schirra has volunteered for the level 4’s- Thank you!


Family Fundraiser- Flower vouchers/gift cards:

  • If enough interest is shown through the Survey Monkey survey, we will be selling $25 gift cards and vouchers for items at H.J. Benken Florist. The vouchers and gift cards can be used from April 1- May 31st. We earn $5 for each gift card and varying amounts for the vouchers.
  • If we move forward, order forms will be placed in family folders and order forms and money will be due by March 23rd and plan for cards/vouchers to be passed out by 3/30.
  • Complete details will be emailed if we have the fundraiser.
  • Remember family fundraiser profits are split 80% to family account, 20% to team account.
  • This is a great way to cover EAF due in May.

National Team Fundraiser- Self-Defense Class:

  • We will be hosting a Self-Defense Class soon with the profits going to help defer the cost of t-shirts for those going to Nationals.
  • More details will be coming in another email once a date is set.


Upcoming Dates:

Mar 11- Fundraiser Survey Due

Mar 17 & 18–  District Meet at Countryside

Mar 19– New schedule starts

Mar 23– Possible due date for Flower Sale orders and money

Mar 25– Baby Shower for Kristin 1-3pm

Apr 2– Nationals Spectator Ticket form due

Apr 6-8– Regional Meet in Hocking Hills

May 10th– Recognition Ceremony

May 11– EAF due

May 19– Spring Floor Moving Day

May 26– NCH Parade

May 26– New team members Try-Out

June 4– Summer Schedule Starts

Jun 27-30– Nationals in Toledo