Important Things to Do This Week:

  1. Candy Bar/Coupon Book Fundraiser has been extended! Sign up on Sign Up Genius (SUG) for the fundraiser if you want to participate by Wed July 20th.
  2. Pay EAF by July 15th if you haven’t done so already.
  3. Make sure you’ve put the Mandatory All Parent Meeting on your calendar. Dates and times are listed below.

Uniform Fitting:

  • Everyone who was at practice early this week has been sized for their leo and warm-up jacket, which are the only uniform pieces that will be available at the used uniform sale. Your gymnast should have brought home 2 papers if you have a returning gymnast (1 with what sizes need to be ordered or purchased at the used uniform sale and 1 with whether or not what they had last year fits and if can be placed in the used uniform sale) and 1 paper if you have a new gymnast (with what sizes need to be ordered or purchased at the used uniform sale). If not, please check your family folder located in the hall where you turn from the lobby towards the gym by the new pre-school room.

o   The prices on the paper are estimates based on last year’s costs. We will have accurate prices for this year on the invoices that will be in your family folder by July 29th.

o   If you do not agree with the size on the paper, please contact Mandy immediately so you can meet with her and have your gymnast try on the sizers to determine the correct size.

  • If your gymnast did not get sized yet, please email Mandy ASAP, [email protected], with what day your gymnast will be back in the gym and what time they practice, so I can get them sized before the used uniform sale.
  • The black capri style legging sizers were not in yet. We will size all the gymnasts at practice once they are available and will put the size that needs to be ordered for your
  • If you do not agree with the size on the paper, please contact Mandy immediately so you can meet with her and have your gymnast try on the sizers to determine the correct size.
  • Reminder: Also new this year is that all gymnasts must have the Monarch logo black duffle bag for meets as part of their uniform. It will be included as part of the uniform order for all new gymnasts, and there will be a place on the final invoice/order form for returning gymnasts who do not have a Monarch bag to order one.

Used Uniform Sale

  • How It Works:

o   Any returning gymnast who has a uniform piece that is too small and has had the uniform committee’s approval to be in the used uniform sale (which is stated on their paper), can turn in their uniform piece/pieces to the box in Kristin’s office labeled “Used Uniform Sale” in a plastic bag labeled with the name you want on the check written out to you when someone purchases the item by July 19th (That’s next Tues!).

  • If you don’t want payment for your used item, you can donate your gymnast’s old uniform pieces to the team regardless of whether or not the uniform committee approved it. (If it wasn’t approved, we don’t sell the item we donate to a gymnast in need. If it was approved we either sell it and donate the proceeds to the team or give it to a gymnast in need.)

o   By Wed evening, I will email everyone what pieces are available so you know if it’s worth it to come or not depending on what your gymnast needs.

o   The sale takes place Thurs July 21st from 6:30-7:30pm in the hallway outside the office.

  • The sale is first come, first serve. There is no reserving uniform pieces by emailing me ahead of time. If you cannot attend, you can ask a fellow parent to come for you.
  • When you come to the sale, you can look at what pieces are available in your gymnasts size and pick one if more than 1 of that item is available in your size.
  • Each gymnast may only select 1 item to purchase at the used uniform sale. If there are items left over after the sale, I will contact people that came to the sale first if it’s something they need.
  • Payment for the used items is by check only written out to the person who turned in the item.
  • I will have the checks/used items that do not sell to hand out at the All-Parent Meeting.
  • If you purchase an item at the used uniform sale, it will be marked down and reflected on your invoice that you will receive by July 29th.

 Upcoming Important Dates!

  • July 20th: Sign up on SUG (sign up genius) for Candy bar/Coupon Book fundraiser
  • July 21st 6:30-7:30pm: Used uniform sale
  • July 25th: Pick up candy bars and coupon books
  • July 29th: Invoices for uniforms/undergarment and meet bag order forms will be placed in family folders
  • August 3rd 7:15pm: Mandatory New Parent Information Meeting
  • August 4th or 10th (pick 1) 7:15pm: Mandatory Returning Parent Information Meeting
  • ** August 12th: Commitment forms are due and 50% down payment for uniforms is due
  • Aug 8th: Money due for chocolate bars and money/orders due for coupon books
  • Aug 12th, Pick up coupon books for distribution
  • Aug 27th: Pool Party
  • Aug 28th: Tentative Lodge Move In date

Fundraising Opportunity Extended!

We have a great opportunity to do a fundraiser to earn money to put in our family accounts. We will be selling World’s Finest chocolate candy bars and coupon books. In order to do this fundraiser, we need to have the team collectively agree to sell 50 boxes of candy bars. We are currently only at 11 boxes. The candy bars are pretty easy to sell and it’s a great way to offset the cost of uniforms and meet fees.

Candy Bars

  • We need your family to commit to selling at least 1 full box of candy bars, if you wish to participate.
    • Each box contains a variety of 60 candy bars.
  • We will be selling them for $1.00/bar for a $.50/bar profit.
  • Sign up on Sign Up Genius to let us know how many boxes of candy you want to start out with by July 20th.

Coupon Books

  • If you are interested, your gymnast can sign out a coupon book to take to show people to get orders.
  • Each book will be sold for $10 for a $5 profit per book.
  • Once we have the orders, we will get the books and hand them out for distribution.
  • Please sign up on Sign Up Genius if you are interested so we have enough coupon book samples to pass out.


  • By July 20th, Sign up on SUG for the number of boxes of chocolate bars you want and if you are interested in selling the coupon books
  • July 25th , Pick up candy bars and coupon books between either 9:15-9:45am or 4:45-5:15pm
  • By Aug 8th , Turn in money for chocolate bars and money/orders for coupon books
  • Aug  12th , Pick up coupon books for distribution

**All the money that you raise through this fundraiser is split 80% into your personal family account and 20% to the teams general custodial account.

Thanks for all your support! If you have any questions about the fundraiser, please contact

Cristie Bray, [email protected]