Mid-Week Mail from the Monarchs 4/28/2016

Important Things to Do This Week! – Mandy

  1. Please read through Kristin’s message thoroughly, there is a lot of information about upcoming events
  2. Turn in items for Coaches’ gifts (separate email to be sent out) by May 6th
  3. Sign up on SUG for Monarch’s Annual Awards Celebration (to go out soon)
  4. Sign up on SUG for Spring Floor moving day (to go out soon)

Upcoming Dates:

5/6- Items for coaches’ gifts due

5/12- Monarch’s Annual Awards Celebration 7-8:30pm at Colerain Senior Community Center

5/14- Spring floor moving day 3pm– We need all hands on deck!

5/20- End of the Season Sleepover 7pm- 8am 5/21

5/28- NCH Memorial Day Parade

5/31- Summer practice schedule starts

Open Board Positions

We have 2 open board positions for next year, Secretary and Fundraising Chair. You can look in the Handbook for more details, but in general, the Secretary is responsible for taking and typing out the meeting minutes and posting them to the website. The Fundraising Chair is responsible for setting up/overseeing family and/or team fundraisers.

The Fundraising Chair can also delegate fundraisers to other parents and just report about them to the board. Since the role of Fundraising Chair could be pretty large it can be split between 2 people. Parent Board meetings are held monthly- dates and times will be set in August. If you are interested, please contact Mandy, [email protected]. Please consider joining the board.


Annual Campaign Wrap up

Thank you for all of the support given towards our 2016 Annual Support. All of the funds raised for PCY stays at PCY! Your contribution will help many young people begin their gymnastics journey or to continue. Thanks for being a part of something that is bigger than us and helping us on our mission to build a stronger community.

Team Try-outs

Congratulations to all of our Pre-team girls who came out on Saturday and tried out for the team. We have 15 new,  brave, level 3 Monarchs! They will work with the team starting in the summer.

New Monarchs

Cecilia Allen

Sabria Barber

Trinity Barber

Isabelle Chiong

Addison Connor

Charlotte Hendrickson

Keona Henry

Hannah Hubbard

Ava Limoco

Tazara Prophett

Nailah Prophett

Leyden VanderBent

Rylan Vonderhaar

Brianna Webb

Kristen Woodward

Monarch’s Annual Awards Celebration

A time to come together and celebrate a wonderful season. Please join us Thursday, May 12th from 7:00-8:30 at the Colerain Senior Community Center. A SUG and invitation with more information to follow.

Monarch’s Annual Sleep Over

Another fun way we like to credit the girls for all of the hard word is to have a sleep over at the Y. The event is filled with Open Gym time, team building activities, food and a movie. The girls and coaches will be spending the night in the gym Friday, May 20th at 7:00pm! Pick up is 8:00am Saturday morning. All essentials for a sleep over are needed. A SUG for food donations to follow.

Items to bring to over night

All gymnastics gear for open gym

Sleeping bag or blanket




Change of clothes

Food or money you signed up to bring

Spring Floor

Please do not forget to keep May 14th after 3:00pm open in your calendars. We need as much support as we can get! This is a massive project that is going to have a huge impact on the girls. Reasoning is to allow our athletes access to our new spring floor all season long. If we all work together, give a little time out of our day to provide safety and the best equipment that will only improve for our potential 70 Monarchs.

Summer Schedule

If you haven’t looked yet, please take a look at what will be practice times starting May 31st. If your gymnasts isn’t able to attend their scheduled practice due to school, please email me and we can rearrange their training times. Minor changes were made so please take another look, these changes may have impacted your athlete(s).

Copy of Tentative Summer practice schedule 2016

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