Important Things to Do This Week!

  1. If your gymnast is competing in Regionals and/or Nationals please fill out the registration/waiver forms and make sure you have enough money in your family account to cover the meet fees by Sat March 4th. This is how we know to sign your gymnast up. There is not the assumption that your gymnast is competing like the other meets and there is no SUG for scratches.
  2. Open Gym this Sun March 5th 12:30-2:30 in the lodge. Please sign up at the front desk.
  3. Go out and get advertisements/sponsors for our Regional Meet

Upcoming Invoices:

  • Due Sat March 4th– Regional and National meet fees and forms for those qualifying in Level 4 and up

o    Please note there are gymnast forms that are due by this date along with payment. This is how we know to sign your gymnast up for the meet. It is not assumed that your gymnast will compete, and there is no SUG for scratches. Late payments are not accepted for Regional and National meets per Handbook policy. If forms and payment are not turned in on time and previous arrangements have not been made with Kristin, then unfortunately, your gymnast will not be able to compete. We do not have a lot of turn around time from our due date to the date everything must be turned in to the host team.

  • For Regionals:
  • Waiver forms were emailed a few weeks ago, are on the website and are attached to this email.
  • For Nationals:
  • Waiver forms were placed in family folders last week, are on the website and are attached to this email.

o    Regionals: $65  (per gymnast)

  • Qualifying score: 27AA in 2 separate meets for Levels 4,5 and 9; 28AA in 2 separate meets for Levels 6, 7, 8 and Xcel Gold and Xcel Platinum
  • Dates: April 7-9th
  • Location: Hamilton HS

o    Nationals: $100 in the past  (per gymnast)

  • Qualifying scores: All in at least 1 meet, Level 4 32AA, Level 5-8 31AA, Xcel Gold and Platinum 33AA
  • Dates: June 29th– July 2nd
      • Location: Savannah, GA
  • ***Please remember fundraisers can help fill up your family account to offset or eliminate your out of pocket costs for these fees. Current fundraising includes selling advertisements/getting sponsors for our Regional meet. If you have any questions, please contact Mariellen Voit or Jim Buisson.
  • 2017 Gymnast Registration Form waiver form 2017
  • waiver form 2017

 Upcoming Important Dates!

  • March 4th– Regional and National fees due with paperwork
  • March 5th– Open Gym 12:30-2:30
  • March 8th– Parent Board Meeting 6:30pm
  • March 11th– Regional Apparel Orders are due if purchasing
  • March 12th– Open Gym 12:30-2:30
  • March 18th & 19th– Districts at Kettering
  • March 20th– Regional Program Personal Messages due if purchasing
  • April 7th-9th– Regionals at Hamilton HS
  • May 4th– Tentative date for Recognition Ceremony
  • May 6/7th– Tentative dates for moving springboards
  • June 29th– July 2nd– Nationals in Savannah

Treasurer – Annemarie

Family Account Statements

Updated Family Account statements will be put in folders late Thursday. These reflect any payments made through mid-day Wednesday 3/1. I have NOT deducted any fees yet for Regionals ($65) or Nationals ($100), so please review your balance to make sure you have enough to cover these fees if applicable. Please email me at [email protected] with any questions.

Kroger Rewards

We have received another check from the Kroger Rewards Program. These rewards are for the period 11/1/16 to 1/31/17. If you would like your family’s contribution to be credited to your account, you can now sign into your Kroger account online to get your quarterly contribution.  Sign in and go to Account Summary. At the bottom left of the page will be Community Rewards and your quarterly contribution.  Please email me at [email protected] by March 31 with your amount and 80% will be credited to your family account.

NEW FAMILIES: If you are not signed up for this super easy way to fundraise for your daughter’s account:

  1. Go to the Kroger website at
  2. Sign in using your email address and password.  If you have forgotten your password, just click on “forgot password” and a link will be sent to your email to change your password.
  3. Enter your organization’s five digit NPO number (see below) or the first three letters of the organization’s name, click search.
  4. Select your organization by clicking on the circle to the left of your organization’s name.
  5. Save changes.

The Monarch’s group number is 81792.
The amount we receive varies each quarter, but depends on how much you use your Kroger Plus card.   Please let me know if you have any questions.

2017 Regional Championships – Mariellen Voit

We’re just over a month until “A Royal Affair”!  We now have 10 teams registered and more on the way.

Deadlines are fast approaching.  Don’t forget to get the following submitted by March 11th:

  • Sponsors, Program Advertisers and Donations – contact Jim Buisson ([email protected])
  • Apparel orders – complete form, include payment, and put in lock box
  • Personal Messages – – complete form, include payment, and put in lock box

Raffle Baskets

We will be offering 2 or 3 raffle baskets.  Two raffle baskets will be geared towards a weekend away – one for Cincinnati and one for Butler County.  The remaining raffle basket will be for the Gymnasts.  We are in process of securing donations for restaurants, hotels, entertainment, souvenirs, etc.  However, we could use your help.

If you have gift cards or unused items that you aren’t using to complement our raffle baskets, please contact Jim Buisson ([email protected])

If you have any questions, please contact Jim B, Renee V, or Mariellen.