Mid-Week Mail from the Monarchs 11/4/2015

Important Things to Do This Week! – Mandy

  1. Scratches for the home meet are due by Nov 5th on SUG
  2. Sign up for a volunteer position for home meet there are a lot of slots still open. Remember this is our 1 mandatory fundraising event. You must sign up for at least 1 set-up/breakdown time slot and 1, 2-3 hour time slot on the day of the meet.
  3. Sign up on SUG if your gymnast can attend the Decorating party this Sat Nov 7th 12:30-2:30 and sign up to bring something. More details below.
  4. Sign up for individual pictures if you want them on SUG.
  5. Come on Sat Nov 7th for level team pictures- 11am level 4, 11:30 level 3, 3pm level 5, 3:20 optionals (wear competition leo for pictures, have clothes that can get dirty for decorating party)
  6. Sell, sell, sell for the family fundraiser to fill up your family account before 2nd half of the meet season fees are due. Order form due date extended to FRI Nov 6th.
  7. Sign-up at the front desk for open gym this Sun

Helpful SUG hint: I know we have a lot going on right now and several open SUGs. If you go to signupgenius.com and type in your username and password, all of the SUGs you’ve been invited to will pop up so you can see all of them and sign up for anything you haven’t yet and/or see all the information about the events.

Team Home Meet Decorating Party

  • Saturday Nov 7th 12:30- 2:30pm
  • We will start with pizza, drinks and dessert for the girls to eat and hang out with each other, then they will work together to make decorations for our home meet that will also be hung up in the lodge after the home meet J
  • Parents do not need to come, but are welcome to stay and hang or help out (Please NO siblings! It will be crazy enough with just the girls)
  • A SUG has been sent out. Please sign up so we know how much pizza to order (it will cost $2/girl) and sign up to bring something to the party (food, drink and/or art supplies).
  • In addition to the SUG, we need 8-10 additional sheets of white poster board (I know you can get 2/$1 at Dollar Tree), Thick tip poster markers- in red or black, Sharpie markers, scissors and good quality masking tape to hang things at the meet. Please email me, [email protected], if you can bring any of these items.
  • If you want your items returned to you (like scissors, markers, etc) please clearly label them with your name.
  • Thank you again for signing up and bringing something. We will have a lot of fun!

Family Fundraiser:

  • Turn in date extended! Order forms will be collected up to this Friday Nov 6th so go get some orders and fill up your family account.
  • You can, however, continue to collect online orders anytime throughout the year and 80% of the profit earned will go into your family account.
  • If you have any questions, please contact Shonya Threatts.

Important Dates:

November 6th– Last chance to turn in orders for family fundraiser

November 5th– PCY Home Meet scratches due on SUG

November 7th & 8th– Individual pictures (sign up for time on SUG)

November 7th– Level group pictures 11am Level 4, 11:30am Level 3, 3:00pm Level 5, 3:20 Optionals (tentative)

November 7th– Team building lunch and decorating party 12:30-2:30pm

November 8th– Open Gym 12:30-2:30

November 11th– Parent Board Meeting (may be cancelled)

November 12th– Great Miami Valley Meet Scratches due on SUG

November 13th-Home Meet set-up

November 14th– Home Meet

November 15th– Equipment Assessment Fee due if not already paid

November 21st– Great Miami Valley Meet

November 25th-29th– No practice HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

December 3rd– Sidney Shelby Meet scratches due on SUG

December 9th– 2nd half of meet season fees due

December 12th– Sidney Shelby Meet

December 14th– Parent Board Meeting

December 15th– December Equipment Assessment Fee due if not already paid

December 18th– Team Christmas Party 4-6:30 (tentative time)

Coaches Report – Coach Kristin

The girls are working hard in the gym to prepare for our upcoming home meet! PC rocked Miami County and we are going to do the same at Cincinnati Country Day School. Due to our home meet being at an off-site location on Friday, the girls will still be practicing at PCY. Remember, all gymnasts competing next week must attend all of their scheduled practices.

Home meet Gymnast Volunteers

Early next week, I will email out a competed schedule of volunteer positions that your gymnast may be signed up to work. Not all gymnast get a chance to volunteer, but I do my best to make everything fair. The gymnast positions consist of a full session, either the session before or after their competition session. If your gymnast is unable to work during the time that they are scheduled, please let me know right away so I can get it changed. If you already know your gymnast is not able to be at CCDS for an additional three hours, let me know now.  Please pay attention to the time of which your gymnast is assigned, their roles are very important.

Don’t forget about the Open Gym this Sunday! 12:30-2:30-Sign up at the front desk, practice located in the lodge.

Please don’t forget to Sign Up for a volunteer position! All families are required to volunteer! Tonight is the last night to sign up. Please use this link to access the Volunteer Sign Up.


Below is the PCY Progressive Gymnastics Program Monthly Newsletter.

 November 2015

Team Pictures – Jasmine

We will be taking team pictures this weekend (November 7/8).  Please sign up for 1 time slot per gymnast. Siblings do not need to sign up for an extra time slot.  There is a $5 sitting fee per gymnast.

We will be taking level pictures at the following times.  Unless the majority of the group cannot make it, we will go ahead and take the picture even if some of the girls are missing.  Please email me [email protected] ASAP if you will not be there for your Level picture:

Level 3- Saturday (11/7/2015) 11:30am

Level 4- Saturday (11/7/2015) 11:00am

Level 5- Saturday (11/7/2015) 3:00pm

Optionals- Saturday (11/7/2015) 3:20pm

*the team picture will be taken in December

Let me know if you have any questions!

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