Mid-Week Mail from the Monarchs 11/12/2015

Important Things to Do This Week! – Mandy

  1. If you signed up to help with set-up please arrive on time Fri Nov 3rd.
  1. Make sure you are at the home meet this Sat Nov 14th when you are scheduled to work during the meet and/or for clean up.
  1. Make sure your gymnast is at the meet for her scheduled work time and is ready to go for her warm-up time. GOOD LUCK!
  1. Pay your Equipment Assessment Fee for Nov by 11/15 if you have not done so yet.

Team Home Meet Decorating Party

  • Thank you to everyone who came it brought something. It was a lot of fun J

Family Fundraiser:

  • While you can no longer turn in paper orders and win prizes, you can, continue to collect online orders anytime throughout the year and 80% of the profit earned will go into your family account.
  • If you have any questions, please contact Shonya Threatts.

Important Dates:

November 11th– Parent Board Meeting cancelled. Paper minutes will be posted to website next week.

November 12th- Great Miami Valley Meet Scratches due on SUG

November 13th-Home Meet set-up

November 14th– Home Meet

November 15th- Equipment Assessment Fee due if not already paid

November 21st- Great Miami Valley Meet

November 25th-29th- No practice HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

November 28th- Individual pictures to be posted to Shutterfly (tentative)

December 3rd- Sidney Shelby Meet scratches due on SUG

December 6th- Individual photo orders due

December 9th- 2nd half of meet season fees due

December 9th- Parent board meeting (change in date)

December 12th- Sidney Shelby Meet

December 15th- December Equipment Assessment Fee due if not already paid

December 18th- Team Christmas Party 4-6:30 (tentative time)

Coaches Report – Kristin

Home Meet at CCDS

Happy Home Meet Week! Thank you all for your tremendous efforts in making our home meet possible. Our home meet is a very special event that the team looks forward to every year. Without the help from all of our families, this event would not be possible.  I personally feel very fortunate to have such wonderful families in the program. Thank you for the unconditional support and for helping me and the program put on an amazing meet. I look forward to an exciting event!

Few reminders:

Normal practice for the athletes on Friday is still at PCY.

If your daughter(s) is signed up to volunteer for a session, please have them at CCDS by the beginning of warm up for that session. Please contact me with any questions or conflicts.

All donations can be dropped off in my office

Have Fun!

 Spare change drive.


Youth in YMCA of Greater Cincinnati programs are leading a Spare Change Drive to raise money for the YMCA’s World Service Campaign.  The YMCA’s World Service Campaign raises support for YMCA’s in other countries which often operate in challenging environments.  In many communities throughout the world, the Y is the only place where a child can access a library, a teen can learn about HIV/AIDS prevention, or a parent can develop job skills for better family stability.  When you give to World Service, you help Ys reach more people with life-changing education and programs.

If the Monarchs can complete the goal of filling up 5 small jars with spare change, we will receive a pizza party!

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” – Margaret Mead

Meet Director – Mariellen

We’re looking forward to an All-Star meet this Saturday at CCDS.  Thanks for everyone’s support in making this a success!

Volunteer Coordinator – Christie Bray

Looking for a volunteer to chair the Christmas party. Please contact Cristie Bray 513-304-3068. You can call, text, or email. [email protected]

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