Mid-Week Mail from the Monarchs 10/6/16

Important Things to Do This Week!

  1. Please check your family folder for your invoice for the 1st half of the season meet fees if you haven’t done so yet
  2. Turn in your daughter’s physical and competitor entry form if you haven’t done so already Due 10/7
  3. Sign up on SUG to bring something to the Monarch Family Campfire or to volunteer to help.
  4. If your gymnast will not be attending the Mock Meet, please sign up on SUG by Mon Oct. 10th.
  5. Sign up on SUG for a chair position for the Regional Meet if willing (once out)

Mock Meet:

  • Please mark down Fri Oct. 14th on your calendar for the annual Monarch Mock Meet.

o   Gymnasts arrive at 4:30 to set-up and warm-up in gym

o   New Families Parent Meeting at 5:00 in aquatic room

o   Event “competition” starts at 5:30 (rotations will be posted next week).

  • The Mock Meet is a great opportunity for the new gymnasts and parents to see how a meet goes and how it feels to perform routines in front of people, and for the returning gymnasts to practice their routines in a meet format.
  • There are no scores/judges with the purpose to be supportive of where each gymnast is currently at with learning the routines.
  • New Families Parent Meeting will cover everything you need to know about meet season including how to prepare for a meet, what your gymnast needs to bring to a meet and what to expect at a meet.
  • NEW this year: We will have a Monarch family campfire with s’more roasting and meet and greet after the Mock Meet from 7:30-8:30pm
  • SUG is coming with more details and opportunities to bring something or volunteer during the events.
  • Level and Team Captains will be announced at the Mock Meet.
  • We are looking forward to seeing everyone there.

Uniform Rhinestones

  • If your gymnast is not getting a new competition leotard this year, please check their old uniform for any missing rhinestones.
  • If there are missing rhinestones, please get in touch with Kristin. She has a replacement kit in her office.

Upcoming Important Dates!

  • October 7th– Competitor Entry Forms due
  • October 12th– 1st half of the season meet fees due ($60/gymnast)
  • October 14th– Mock Meet and Monarch family s’mores and fun 4:30-8:30pm
  • October 16th– Open gym 12:30-2:30
  • October 21st– Kellogg’s Tour of Champions if you bought tickets
  • October 30th– Open gym 12:30-2:30
  • November 5th– First Meet at Kettering


Treasurer – Annemarie

Fundraiser Question

Did anyone sell a coupon book to a Christina Osterling? I have a deposit from her but don’t know whose Family Account should get credit for it. Please email me at [email protected] if it was you!

Family Account Statements

Updated Family Account statements are in family folders. Please review carefully and email me at [email protected] with any questions. A few things to note:

  • 1st half of the season meet fees (4 meets x $15 = $60) are due Oct 12. I have reflected this charge on your Family Account statement, so please make a deposit by Oct 12 if you don’t have enough in your account to cover this. (If your gymnast ends up scratching one of these meets, a $15 credit will be put back in your account after the meet date.)
  • Only the first half of the uniform/warm up cost has been billed so far, the second half will be billed mid-October. Please keep this in mind when reviewing your family account statement.
  • If you have a beginning balance due on your statement and can’t remember what this represents, please email me and I will email you the prior statement.

Coach Jasmine

We have started a monthly conditioning challenge for the girls to do at home.  Every month they will get a calendar with conditioning on each day.  For every day they do it, they mark it off (put an X, a sticker, a smiley face, etc.)  They have to bring in their sheet at the end of the month and for every day they completed they get 1 point.  We’ll be keeping a running total of all of the points in the gym.  Conditioning that they do in the gym does not count for the challenge. For every 50 points they earn, they will get a small prize.  Attached is the month of October!  Feel free to join in and do it with them 😉


Meet Director – Mariellen

Regional Championships (Home Meet) – Mariellen

The 2017 Great Lakes Regional Gymnastics Championships is 6 months away and the work has already begun.  As the Host Team, there are many behind the scenes jobs that need to be done in advance of the actual day of the event.  We need everyone’s commitment to help during the preparation, as well as during the meet, in order to maximize the profitability for our team and to make the event one to be remembered by all who attend.

That being said, I am asking everyone to list the area(s) that you are willing to contribute your time and talent prior to the meet.  Committees are being formed and work assignments will be distributed so we can share the load and make sure everything is accomplished. We currently have 56 families which makes it much easier to not overburden any one person. Please note that you are not signing up to volunteer at the actual meet. A Sign Up Genius will be posted for volunteering during Regional Championships once we set the schedule.

Below are the areas of focus and some of the activities that need to be accomplished before the actual event.  Please give your prayerful consideration on where you will help prior to the actual event and sign up on Sign Up Genius by Friday, October 14, 2016.  Additionally, if you are willing to Chair an area, please make note of this on SUG (coming soon). Once complete, we will do our best to align you with your interest and a position.  

Volunteers – Volunteer Recruitment, maintaining volunteer database, Volunteer T-shirts (ordering, distribution), Task assignment, check in/check out, Volunteer Hospitality

Scoring – Scoring program set up and testing, print and organize Score cards, In-gym score board set up, test Reporting           

Awards – Inventory, Order, organize for Meet Distribution           

Concessions – develop Menu, inventory Supplies, purchase supplies, obtain Donations, pre-meet preparation (portion pack), coordinate baked goods             

Non-Food Sales – manage pre-ordered Themed Apparel, Raffle Baskets (coordinate, obtain items and assemble), organize onsite Good Luck Wishes (i.e. flower with note, candy or cookie-gram, theme-related good luck), obtain and coordinate Vendor tables, Leotard/Shorts Sale (order, inventory)

Coaches and Judges Hospitality – Plan Menu(s), solicit and obtain donations, determine and obtain decorations and room amenities, pre-event food purchases and/or meal prep, Judges table amenities and decorations, Coaches ID Lanyards       

Gymnast Hospitality – Gymnast ID Lanyards, Goodie Bags (collection of items to include in bags, bag assembly, organization for distribution), Graduating Seniors (obtain information, create         Poster for each, determine Gift and purchase, prepare Presentation)

Donations/Sponsors – develop target company list for monetary donations as well as goods and services, assist with requests, log in database, distribute donation to appropriate committee, coordinate recognition according to YMCA standards, send thank you and receipt for tax purposes,                 

Marketing/Publicity – develop and maintain Website/Social Media messaging, manage Newspaper and local news articles, submit information to community listings 

Participant/Spectator Experience – create Decorations, arrange for college partnerships (Tours for participants, On-site info tables), Spectator Admissions, Program (Program Good Luck Cheers and Program Ads – maintain database, layout program content, arrange printing)

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me at 513-675-2743 or [email protected]


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