Important Things to Do This Week!
1. Hopefully everyone is caught up on meet fees, if not you must be by
Friday or your gymnast cannot compete.
Equipment Assessment Fees (EAF)
-To make it easier for everyone to pay their monthly EAF of $10,
Kristin and the Parent Board have approved the money to come out of your
family account. Therefore, if you are behind on your payment, the amount due
will be taken out of your family account if you have a positive balance. If
you still owe and do not have the money in your family account to cover it
please deposit money into your account ASAP.

This also means going forward, if you were paying monthly, and not ahead of time, you do not need to
specify your payment for the EAF. Just put enough money into your family
account to cover it by the 15th of each month. Kristin is purchasing several
pieces of new equipment to improve our girls training and equipment is
expensive. This is why we must have everyone catch up on their payments
ASAP! If you have any questions about your family account or how much you
still owe on your EAF, please email Annemarie, [email protected].

Upcoming Important Dates:
Jan 9th- Kettering Meet
Jan 15th- Equipment Assessment Fee
Jan 23rd- Countryside Meet
Jan 30th- Union County Meet
Feb 13th- Countryside Meet
Feb 15th- Equipment Assessment Fee

Coaches Report

It’s GREAT to be back in the gym. The girls seemed very excited to be back in the swing of things, just in time for our meet this weekend. Please make sure all uniforms are clean and ready to go.

Bye Bye StephanieL

This will be Coach Stephanie’s last meet before welcoming baby Ember Leah Pollack. We wish the Pollack family the best of luck during this time of happiness. We look forward to seeing her back in the gym in March.

I am happy to announce that Cindy Rizzo, Associate Executive Director for the Clippard YMCA, has been selected as the new Executive Director for the Powel Crosley Jr. YMCA.  Cindy has worked at various YMCA levels over her 17 year career.  Her last 5 years have been spent at the Executive level. Please join me in welcoming Cindy in her new role.

Level 3’s meet buddies: Kettering Meet

Camille and Sylvia C

Meisha and Gwen

Maggie and Kiarah

Kelly and Kadie

Sophie and Alana

Callie and Sylvia M

Avril and Yazmeen

Annie, Chloe and Sarah   ( Annie>Chloe)

( Chloe>Sarah)    ( Sarah>Annie )

Here is the competition schedule as a refresher.

Kettering YMCA Gymnastics Meet

January 9, 2016

Located at the South YMCA

4545 Marshall Rd, Kettering OH 45429

Saturday Session 1:   Levels 6-8 and XLP (54 Gymnasts)

7:30 am         Gymnastics Center Opens for Stretching/Bar Sets

8:05 am         Coaches Meeting

8:25 am         Timed Warm Ups with Warm Up/Compete Format

8:45 am         Presentation of Teams

11:15 am         Competition Ends

Saturday Session 2:   Levels 3 (72 Gymnasts)

11:00 am         Report for Stretching in Awards Room

11:30 am         Timed Warm Ups

12:00 pm         Presentation of Teams

2:15 pm         Competition Ends

Saturday Session 3:   Level 4  (55 Gymnasts)

2:00 pm           Report for Stretching in Awards Room

2:30 pm           Timed Warm Ups with Warm Up/Compete Format

2:50 pm           Presentation of Teams

4:45 pm           Competition Ends

Saturday Session 4:   Level 5 and XLG  (39 Gymnasts)

4:30 pm           Report for Stretching in Awards Room

5:00 pm           Timed Warm Ups with Warm Up/Compete Format

5:15 pm           Presentation of Teams

7:15 pm           Competition Ends

Team Pictures

All team and level pictures as well as any individual pictures will be posted on by THIS SUNDAY (1/10).  Order forms are now due NEXT SUNDAY (1/17)

The password is Monarchs.  Thanks!

Treasurer Update – Annmarie
Kroger Rewards
If you have not already provided me with your Kroger Rewards from last quarter (see Dec 9 weekly email), please do so by Friday so I can apply 80% of that to your family account. Please email me (Annemarie) at [email protected].
Second Half Meet Fees
If I show these have not been paid I will email you before Friday.
Family Account Statements
I will be putting updated Family Account statements in the folders on Friday.