Mid-Week Mail 9-11-15

Board President – Mandy

Important Things to Do This Week!

 If you have a new level 3 or 4 gymnast, sign up on SUG for a 1-0n-1 Routine Training Session

  1. Sign up at front desk if your gymnast is coming the open gym this Sun 9/13
  2. Pay Equipment Assessment Fee for September $10/family by Sept 15th. Remember you must mark your payment as Equipment Assessment Fee so it doesn’t go into your family account. (You can also pay the entire $120 up front or in any increments you want)
  3. Please consider volunteering to chair a fundraising or team building event or to join our Parent Board as a Level 3 parent rep or Fundraising coordinator. Contact Mandy ASAP.

Upcoming events:

 Coming soon: Order forms for meet bags and warm-up leos. We will let you know when orders will be due once we send out order forms (we had to wait on quotes for pricing)

9/9- Parent Board Meeting

9/13- open gym

9/15- 1st Equipment Assessment Fee of $10/family due

9/18- Tentative date for 1st half of the season meet fee invoices to go out in family folders

9/27- Open gym

10/3 – Powel Crosely Annual Fall Festival

10/11- Tentative date for Mock Meet (more info to come)

10/12- Parent Board Meeting

Head Coach – Kristin

Gym Safety

Gym safety is always an important topic continuously discussed in the gym, keeping our athletes safe is our number one priority. With risk management being our main goal, it’s important that I share what we do when an injury happens.

Competitive gymnastics brings with it significant risk for injury, including strains and sprains as well as stress fractures to the back, wrists and ankles. The nature of the sport lends itself to those kinds of injuries.

But our Monarchs face another risk for injury-moving the equipment. Although we have this wonderful spring floor, the girls are still asked to help in the set and break down. This process will be monitored by the coaches and we expect all of the girls to take it seriously. We understand that we are asking a lot from our athletes so anytime parents can come in to help, the risks of injury lessen. Here is how the Monarch coaches will handle any type of injury.

Injury Protocol:

Assess the injury/gymnast

Attend first aid

Call the parent(s)

Fill out an incident report

Follow up with parent(s) after gymnast has left

*Depending on the severity of the injury, the gymnast may just need to sit for the remainder of practice with the possibility to return

Open Gym

Don’t forget to check out our Open Gym this Sunday September 13th, 12:30-2:30 in the lodge. Sign up at the front desk!

Limited space available

Routine Time!!!

Our focus in the gym is still on developing skills and continuing to build their strength and confidence. Outside of the gym coaches are offering individual routine learning for all new level 3’s and 4’s. Please watch out for the Sign Up Genius, I will send on out every week. The slots are going fastJ

Competitor Entry Form

Please turn in form to me no later than this Friday, September 11. Your gymnast cannot compete without it. I have extras outside of my office, or you can find the forms on line.


Kristin Gallo – Program Director/ Head Gymnastics Coach

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