8/17/17 Monarchs Update

Important Things to Do This Week!

  1. Sell candy bars and coupon books to fill up your family accounts before EAF, uniform deposits and meet fees are due. The fundraiser has been extended to Aug 29th.   Money and coupon book orders are due AUG 10th! See more details below.
  2. Fill out your forms to turn in to Kristin’s office from the folder given out at the All Parent meeting ASAP, they were due 8/15.
  3. Make sure there is enough money in your family account to cover the $60 EAF if you are a returning family and to cover 50% of the uniform deposit. Fees were due 8/15. There will be a $15 late fee if you are not caught up by 8/22.
  4. Sign up on SUG if your gymnast is going to the Pool Party on Sat 8/19 at noon. See the SUG for details. Turn in $2/person for pizza in an envelope to Cristie Bray, Kaitlyn Jackson’s mom, in their family folder or bring Sat am to Cartwheel a thon.
  5. Collect donations for Cartwheel a thon to turn in at the event on Sat at 11:30am.


If you have any questions regarding uniforms, please contact Stephanie Haarlammert, [email protected].

EAF/Uniform Invoice:

If you have any questions regarding how much money you have in your family account, please contact Annemarie Fischer, [email protected].

Family Account Fundraisers:

Candy Bars and Coupon Books EXTENDED UNTIL AUG 29th!!!!!!!!!!!!! Come and Get a Box of Chocolate to Sell!

Candy Bars

  • We need your family to commit to selling at least 1 full box of candy bars if you wish to participate.

o   Each box contains a variety of 60 candy bars.

o   We will be selling them for $1.00/bar for a $.50/bar profit.

o   You must turn in the money from the 1st box before you can get the next box.

o   See Kristin or contact Lori to set up a time to sign out another box

Coupon Books

  • If you are interested, your gymnast can sign out a coupon book to take to show people to get orders.

o   Each book will be sold for $20 for a $10 profit per book.

o   From now on, please email Lori with any additional coupon book orders. We currently only have 1 in the office.

o   Once we have the orders, we will get the books and hand them out for distribution.


  • By Aug 29th, Turn in money for chocolate bars and money/orders for coupon books

o   We ask that you turn in 1 check to PCY Monarchs to pay for the candy bars/coupon books to make it easier on Kristin. Please ask people to write individual checks to you and then you can deposit the cash and checks into your account and write 1 check to the team to simplify things.

  • Sept 5th, Pick up coupon books for distribution



The Monarch’s Annual Cartwheel-a-thon will take place this year on Aug 19th at 11:30am

  • It works just like a walk-a-thon, ask people to sponsor the gymnast to complete 150 cartwheels
  • Donation forms are in the folders given out at the All Parent Meeting or placed in your family folders
  • Just like with the Candy bar/coupon book fundraiser, Please ask people to write individual checks to you and then you can deposit the cash and checks into your account and write 1 check to the team to simplify things.
  • The check, along with the donation form, should be turned in on Aug 19th at the event.

**All the money that you raise through these fundraisers is split 80% into your personal family account and 20% to the team’s general custodial account.

Thanks for all your support! If you have any questions about the fundraiser, please contact Lori Cooper, [email protected] or Mandy Elmer, [email protected].

Volunteers Needed!

We are looking for people to volunteer for the following positions. If you are able to take on one of the roles, please contact Kristin or Mandy:

  • Level 3 Parent Representative to the Parent Board (we would like to have 2 level 3 reps)

o   Meets once a month to discuss upcoming events for the team, things the coaches/team need and any concerns that arise

o   Responsible for follow up calls to families at that level when necessary

o   Help with the organizing of Team outings, Christmas Party, Coaches gifts, end of year Banquet. Each level will be responsible for an event this year.

o   Prepare a level Goody Bag for the Championship meets.

o   Help provide information to team families and relay questions/concerns from families to Parent Board

o   Help coaching staff or president with any other activity as the need arises.

  • Meet Director/Co-director for Home Meet
  • Concessions Chair for Home Meet

Upcoming Dates: (bolded dates have been changed)

August 19th– Pool Party 12:00-3:00 and Cartwheel-a-thon 11:30-12:00

August 29th– Extended due date for candy bar/coupon book fundraiser

September 16th– Lodge Move-In Day Noon

September 23rd– Parent ONLY Social

September 29th– Physical Form due

October 13th– Mock Meet 4:30-7pm?

October 13th– 1st half of the season meet fees and uniform fees due

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